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Characteristics and modifications

Standard plastics & characteristics:

  • high mechanical strength, stiffness and impact strength
  • high chemical resistance
  • self-extinguishing after removal of the flame (hardly flammable)
  • good bondability
  • on request conditionally available for outdoor use
  • dimensional stability up to 60°C
  • impact resistant
  • natural or RAL coloured, transparent design not possible
  • outer surface is softer than Rigid-PVC / scratch-sensitive
  • good bondability
  • well paintable
  • dimensional stability up to 50°C
  • environmentally-friendly plastic
  • high chemical persistence
  • high transparency
  • gamma sterilisable
  • dimensional stability up to 60°C
  • high transparency and glossy surface
  • very high impact resistance
  • high mechanical strength and stiffness
  • susceptible to stress cracking
  • only partly resistant to chemicals
  • UV protected
  • dimensional stability up to 115°C
  • good surface quality and high surface gloss
  • high scratch resistance
  • dimensional stability up to 60°C


The properties of plastic required for your application can be customized according to your requirements:

  • BGA approval
  • food-safe and saliva resistant
  • increased impact strength
  • UV-stabilized, weatherproof
  • etc.

Natural, transparent or RAL coloured:
Depending on the material, our plastic tubes, plastic profiles and plastic rods are available in natural, transparent or coloured (according to RAL or individual colour specification) design.

As a manufacturer of plastic tubes (packaging tubes), plastic profiles and plastic rods we offer a wide range of products. Please, contact us for further information!
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