Our materials

Standard plastics:

  • Rigid PVC, PS
  • PET, CAB-butyrate, PC
  • Soft PVC, PE, PP, PMMA upon request


  • UPVC high mechanical strength, high chem. resistance, self extinguishing after the flame sparks
  • PS high rigidity and dimensional stability up to approx. 80°C
  • PET Environmentally-friendly plastic, biodegradable
  • PC Plastic with a high transparency, surface gloss and heat resistance
  • PMMA similar to PC, with a very high surface gloss (ACRYLIC)
  • CAB-butyrate CA Combines high scratch resistance with a self polishing effect.
  • ABS similar to PS, high surface hardness


The properties of a plastic required for your application, such as:

  • BGA approval
  • Food and saliva resistance
  • increased impact strength
  • UV-stabilized, weatherproof

can be changed according to your requirements.

Natural, clear or RAL shade

Depending on the material, the design is available in a natural, transparent or colored version according to RAL specifications or color specifications.